I was working on a fence in the 40's and injured my neck.  Years later I was in horrible pain in both my neck and my hip.  I had injured my hip trying to help someone up.  I finally decided that I needed to do something about the pain because I had been in bed for 3 days.  Dr. Johnson took x-rays and confirmed an earlier diagnosis of whiplash as well as finding that my hip was out.  Dr. Johnson adjusted me and a few days later I felt so much better.  I still do maintenance care and Dr. Johnson now adjusts my neck, and hip as well as my shoulder.

I have referred Dr. Johnson to many of my friends and family.  I am always satisfied with the care I receive while in the office.  The staff is always friendly and Dr. Johnson knows me by name.



Due to Dr. Matt's correct diagnosis and treatment plan, I no longer have low back and hip pain.  And after 20 years, I no longer need to take antidepressant medication.  At 71 years of age I take daily walks and exercise.  My quality of life is very good.  I always look forward to my regular visits with the friendly and caring staff at Johnson Chiropractic.